Blackcat Network is leveraging the Internet of things (IoT) revolution with Bluetooth proximity beacons to map the physical web, push proximity notifications to smartphones, track assets and provide indoor localization.


The notification is non-intrusive and works with the majority of current smart phones without requiring any additional apps to be installed.
The notification content can be changed remotely and in real time via our web portal. 

 Retail Store

Retail Stores will benefit from Proximity Advertising by sending targeted realtime promotions to nearby smart phone users. 

When a smartphone detects a beacon, it then contacts our server to retrieve a message which is displayed on the smartphones notification tray. When a user clicks on the notification, it opens a web page that could be a targeted ad, your website, or an app to download. Our server logs the unique identifier of the phone to measure how many unique visitors received the notification as well as how many clicked on the notification. Returning customers can be tracked and offered different promotions.

Shoppers will enjoy a more engaging and personalized experience and retailers will gain insights into their consumers, ultimately making it easier to achieve your business goals.

 Asset Tracking

Locating assets is a critical task for many businesses.

Beacons can save you time and money in your Logistics and Manufacturing operations by leveraging micro-location and accurate indoor positioning into a powerful competitive advantage.

Using Bluetooth beacons capabilities for location intelligence combined with our Real-Time Location Services to allow anyone on your team to find the assets they need within your premises, quickly and easily.

Bluetooth tags are 3-5 times cheaper than active RFID tags and offer a scalable, long-term solution for active asset tracking. They have 4 times the range of traditional RFID asset tracking solutions, this allows you to buy less hardware to cover more space while providing greater accuracy.

 Indoor Localization

Using Bluetooth Beacons, we provide an indoor positioning system to locate objects or people inside a building in real-time. Beacons also provide ambient location or environmental context for devices to get sensed.

Beacons can be deployed strategically throughout a property to actively triangulate mobile devices and tags. In turn beacons provide navigation for devices that are sensed. Using this technology people will easily be able to get from point “a” to point “b”.

Indoor real-time Location System has applications in Retail, Healthcare, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Airports and more.

An indoor positioning and navigation system can make any organization more efficient, productive, and effective.